What do we do?

In addition to all our teams and other weekly activities, we also offer and participate in other events as well.

Familiarization Flying

Whether in a glider or a powered aircraft, familiarization flying keeps the “air” in air cadets. With the ability to take one passenger in a glider or three in a Cessna 172 powered fam flight, cadets have the opportunity to get high up in the air.

The squadron offers gliding twice per year, once in the spring and once in the fall. Powered fam flying is offered at least once per year.

Field Training Exercises (FTXs)

Twice or thrice yearly we go out into the wilderness and practice survival skills. Testing cadets’ leadership and survival abilities, cadets learn how to survive in any unknown environment if they were stranded all alone.

FTXs occur in the fall and the spring, and sometimes in the winter as well.

Community Parades and Activities

We participate in various local community events.

Battle of Britain Parade
Veterans’ Gravestones Cleaning
Santa Parade
Hyack Parade

Other Fun Activities

Indoor Rock Climbing
Snow Tubing
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