Langley Airport

Arrival Procedure at the Langley Airport for Parents and Cadets:

The maps (shown below) describe the arrival route to the Church (Christian Life Assembly) parking lot on the north side of Langley Airport.  The escort officer, Cadets, and parents/drivers are required to wait at the access gate for an escort from the LMFV Gliding program. Under no circumstances are the escort Officer or Cadets authorized to enter the airfield through the gate without an escort from the LMFV Gliding program.

It is imperative that the parents, drivers, Cadets, and escort Officers understand that they are not permitted on the airfield without an LMFV gliding escort.  If the parents or drivers for the Cadets arrive late, they are required to call the Site Commander or the Squadron Escort Officer and request assistance.  Parents or drivers are NOT to seek out assistance or direction on how to get on the airfield from any of the tenants at the airport.

New-YNJ1(Directions to 56th Avenue)



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