Uniform Assessment

Uniform Assessment Sheets

Marking Structure

Spitfire Flight
FC: Fsgt Mu
2IC: Sgt Marumoto

Hurricane Flight
FC: Fsgt Ahuja
21C: Fsgt Ng

DM: Sgt Choksey
2IC: Sgt Francisco

marked by

marked by

marked by

Band Staff
– Sgt Francisco

Spitfire Staff
– Sgt Marumoto

Hurricane Staff
– FSgt Ng

Top Cadet of the Month
The top cadet of the month, as announced at the beginning of every CO’s Parade night, will get to wear a pink lanyard on their uniform.

Top Flight of the Month
The top flight of the month, as announced after CO’s Parade, will be exempted from being the duty flight for the entire month.

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