Weekly Announcements

24 Apr 2019

Regular Training Night

Dress: C-2B (summer dress) uniform
Parents are warmly welcome to come listen to the announcements during final parade at 2100 hrs!

There will be a competition on Sat 11 May at Minoru Arenas, 7551 Minoru Gate, Richmond.
Come support the band and watch many spectacular performances!

Ground School
If you are interested in learning more about aviation, there is ground school on Tuesdays from 1930 hrs to 2130 hrs.

Drill Team
There will be no more practice.

Summer Training Offers of Participation
If you have received a summer training offer of participation, you must complete and return the form to the training office as soon as possible, whether or not you choose to attend the course.
If you have applied for a summer training course but have not yet received an offer, do not worry, as we are still receiving offers, and we will let you know as soon as we know.

Tag Days
Dates and Shifts:
Fri 26 Apr: 1700 hrs to 2100 hrs (evening)
Sat 26 Apr: 0900 hrs to 1400 hrs (morning), 1330 hrs to 1800 hrs (afternoon)
Sun 28 Apr: 1030 hrs to 1600 hrs (day)
Dress: C-2 (winter dress) uniform

Remember, each cadet must do at least two shifts.
If you are doing a full Saturday shift (morning and afternoon) or the Sunday shift, you must bring your own lunch.
Please have your parent(s) come in the squadron with you as they may have to drive you to your location.

Spring FTX
We will have our last spring FTX of the year on Fri 03 May to Sun 05 May.
Everyone is highly encouraged to attend!
Drop off on Friday at 1630 hrs, and pick up on Sunday at 1500 hrs.
Remember, you must attend at least one FTX per year to pass your level, so if you did not attend the fall FTX in September, you must attend this one.
The kit list for the FTX can be found here.

Date: Sat 18 May
Morning: 0845 hrs to 1230 hrs, Afternoon: 1230 hrs to 1630 hrs
Location: Abbotsford International Airport, 30440 Liberator Avenue
(directions can be found here.)
There are 15 spots for each shift, so please sign up quickly!
Level 1 and new cadets have priority.
Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes as cadets will be pushing gliders.
Please bring lawn chairs, drinks and snacks, and things to do as there will be some down time.
Please note that gliding is weather dependent and may be cancelled last-minute if the weather conditions are not ideal.

H.R. MacMillan Space Centre Tour
Please note that the date has been changed to Sat 01 Jun.
Please drop off your cadet at the squadron at 0800 hrs.
Pick up will be at 1900 hrs at the squadron.
This is a fun and exciting opportunity! Everyone is highly encouraged to go.
Lunch will be provided.

Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR)
We will end off our training year with an Annual Ceremonial Review.
This is the largest and most important parade for the squadron, especially since this year is the squadron’s 70th anniversary.
The parade will take place on Sun 09 Jun at the Royal Westminster Regiment Armoury, 530 Queens Avenue, New Westminster.
This is a mandatory parade. All cadets must attend.

We will need helpers to display our squadron history for this event.
If you are interested in helping, please speak to Sgt Marumoto.

If any uniform parts no longer fit you, please go to supply to get new parts!

Duke of Edinburgh
If you are interested in participating in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, you can find more information on their website and register for free (costs to be covered by the squadron).
If you have registered though the website, please make sure you inform Capt Mitra immediately.
We will be preparing to organize for the Adventurous Journey Section soon, so please speak to Capt Mitra about it.
Any questions or queries can be directed to Capt Mitra.

If you can’t make it to the upcoming training night, please let your section leader know.

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