Weekly Announcements

27 November 2019

Reminder that cadets who have not returned their annual validation forms yet are to do so ASAP
If you are not able to attend the upcoming training night then please let your section leader know

Regular Parade Night
Dress: C3 (Winter Dress) uniform. Wednesday November 27th 1830 – 2130
Parents are warmly welcomed to come and listen to the announcements at 2100 hrs!

Band Clinic – December 7-8
Attention all bandies! (Or soon to be), If you are interested in learning the theory and playing of an instrument or gain your music level, please attend the first ever Band Clinic held at our Squadron. Everyone is welcomed! Talk to NCDT Story if you’re interested.

Supply (OCdt Taruc)
Cadets who need uniform parts can come in on Monday November 25th 2000 – 2100
(New cadets must attend to be sized for a uniform)

Biathlon (Cpt. Palmer)
There is no practice to be held on Thursday November 21st

Ground School (WO2 Gray)
If you are a cadet interested in learning the fundamentals of flying,
there will be Ground School on Thursday November 21st 1830 – 2030

Band (NCdt Story/ FSgt Choksey)
New cadets interested in joining band, a rehearsal will be held on
Monday November 25th 1830 – 2030. (Bring instruments and music)

Marksmanship Team (Lt. Kinross/FSgt Ng)
Practice to be held at LHQ on Thursday November 21st 1830 – 2030

Drill Team (Cpt. Han)
Practice will be held at LHQ on Tuesday November 26th 1900 – 2100

Flag Party (OCdt Taruc/ FSgt Seifian)
Practice to be held at LHQ on Monday November 25th 1830 – 2100

Range Day
This Saturday November 23rd is Range Day, cadets who are part of Group 1 are to show up at LHQ at 0900. Cadets part of Group 2 are to show up at LHQ at 1100. Civilian Attire.
Group 1: 0900 – 1100
Group 2: 1100 – 1300

Cadets interested in joining the Handball team to compete against other squadrons must talk to FSgt. Choksey. Everyone is welcomed and three females are required to qualify as a team. The tournament is on Nov 30th TBD

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