Virtual Summer CTC’s

This summer three Virtual Cadet Training Centres will help deliver exciting challenges and activities for cadets. Throughout the summer they will offer different opportunities for cadets to further develop both personal and cadet skills in a new, virtual setting.

Cadets will have the opportunities to participate in flexible, voluntary training opportunities either independently at their own pace or in facilitated sessions. This summer will be about engagement and flexibility while continue to focus on the cadet experience.

5-weeks of summer training activities

Cadets will be able to take five weeks of distance learning activities during the summer, for about two to three hours per week. The choice of the 22 activities is the same as those offered on the “Cadet Activities” portal on the Extranet and posted on the Cadet Learning / Apprentissage des cadets Facebook page, and detailed in the Virtual CTC course Schedule.

Registration for these activities will open on Monday, 29 June at 0800hrs PST and will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. In order for cadets to register for these activities, Cadets will need to send an email to their Regional Cadet Support Unit (RCSU) with the following information:

Last Name

First Name

Corps / Squadron Number

Corps / Squadron element

Name of the activity you wish to register for.

Dates of serial you wish to register for.

The language you would like the activity delivered in;

Phone number (will be use as a second factor authentication for your online account)

A email address that the cadet has access to; and

Instrument selection for cadets registering for the music course

Cadets must send an email to the following address that corresponds to their Regional Cadet Support Unit (RCSU).

RCSU Pacific (British Columbia)

Cadets’ email must be send from their personal email address or an email that they can access.  A parent email, that the cadet cannot access, should not be used.

Cadets will be contacted once they are loaded on an activity, and provided instructions on how to log in to the learning tools required to participate in the activity.

For the catalogue of the courses please click on the facebook link below for a French and English version.

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