Senior FTX

We ended off the last weekend of February by hosting our very own multi squadron FTX! Our seniors, and cadets from 102 Fraser, 609 Steveston and 47 Capt. Vancouver participated in multiple exercises conducted by our officers. These exercises included: Bug Outs ( cadets were woken up by our officers and VI’s to investigate a Down Pilot Situation and perform First Aid and switching campsites due to ‘Inclement Weather’), GPS Navigation and Mess Dinner in their own syndicates. Congratulations to our top syndicate Victory for showing excellent team work throughout the weekend. Despite the cold and windy weather, the cadets had a lot of fun during the weekend making new friends and memories!

Below are some pictures from our weekend. There will be more posted in the gallery.

Syndicate Victory! Lead by CPO2 Wagner and 2IC PO1 M16!
Syndicate Sidewinder! Led by our very own WO1 Leung and 2IC PO1 Ennis.
Syndicate Warrior! Lead by CPO1 Lim and 2IC WO2 Vosotros.
Cadets keeping warm by the fire
Breakfast is served!
The lowering of the Canadian Flag during an FTX means that the exercise has come to a close.
Final Parade with all the Syndicates and officers.
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