Important Mess Dinner Information

Our 2nd annual mess dinner will be happening this week on Wed 27 Feb.

Location: Aria Banquet Hall, 12350 Pattullo Place, Surrey

Cadets are to arrive no later than 1830 hrs. Dinner will begin at 1900 hrs.
Cadets may arrive as early as 1815 hrs if they wish to take photos at the venue.

Dress for males: C-8 (mess dress, see illustration below)

Dress for females: C-8 (mess dress, see illustration below), or appropriate semi formal dress with the following regulations:

  • length of dress must not be shorter than right above the knees
  • formal closed toed shoes must be worn
    • if wearing high heels, they should not be higher than 4″
  • minimal makeup can be worn, no bright nail polish
  • hair to be neatly styled, gel not required
  • shoulders and cleavage are not to be shown
C-8 Mess Dress Composition

If you are wearing C-8 dress and do not have a black bow tie, the squadron has 4 that you may use.

Please note that the $10 that cadets have paid is non-refundable.
If you have not yet paid, you must do so on the night of the dinner.

There is a specific seating arrangement that all cadets must sit in.
Cadets will know where they will be sitting when they arrive at the venue.
Cadets must sit at the seat they are assigned. Moving or switching seats are not allowed.

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