Potluck Dinner and Awards Night

This upcoming Wednesday, June 13 will be our squadron’s awards night, where annual awards will be presented to select cadets!

It will also be a potluck dinner, and we invite cadets’ family and friends to attend and bring a dish to be shared.

The event will be held at Sapperton Pensioners Hall (318 Keary Street, New Westminster.
Cadets are to come in their summer dress uniform.

Summer camp information will also be discussed for cadets going to summer training, and parents must be there for the briefing.

Cadets who are waiting for summer training as a spare and/or wish to attend summer training next year should also have their parents there for the information.

It will be the last weekly parade night of the year, with the exception of the summer field training exercise happening the coming weekend, from Friday June 15 to Sunday June 17!


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